Excerpts from Bente Alvers book about Anna Elisabeth Westerlund:

The cultural and social sciences have studied wise people from a variety of perspectives and in many different contexts, but rarely has it been possible for researchers to shadow a wise person through their life cycle and see how they have used their skills and adapted to these to the time they lived in.

This I have done with Anna Elisabeth Westerlund. I was able to because she offered herself in a rather different way than most wise people in this country. She did not stop to just give us the key to the thirteenth door she opened it for us. I am not the only one in this country who has followed a wise person for a long time and has compiled a comprehensive documentation of a that study. As known, Ingar Sletten Kolloen has written a biography of Joralf Gjerstad and has portrayed his work in the book The Snåsa Man: The power that heals.

Less well known is Torstein T. Royne's book Lodvar Kaarstad. Royne has, over a ten-year period, followed the wise Lodvar Kaarstad and in text, audio and photos documented his activities as a psychic. A portion of the material he has presented in the fore-mentioned book. Royne also had close contact with Anna Elisabeth Westerlund the last years of her life. He approached her because he was interested in investigating similarities between her and Kaarstad's abilities. Royne and Anna Elisabeth had long discussions about what the explanations for paranormal phenomena could be.


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