Supernatural abilities?

The author is employed in Valdres Radio and has for ten years followed the 85-year-old Lodvar Kaarstad in his work. Kaarstad has the ability to see lost animals, people and objects. He can see where missing persons had gone and into the past events of others. He can also determine the likelihood of whether people will recover the things they had lost by looking into the future.

The book comprises approx. 100 cases, recording the results of this special ability. The author has made video and tape recordings of conversations to support his account. Interestingly, it appears that Kaarstad cannot find things that have been stolen and if people hide things in order to test him, his abilities will not work. There is no evidence that the police have ever made use of his abilities.

Kaarstad is described as a modest man, who requests no fee and is keen to help others. He sets his abilities at their disposal, and according to the book, usually with successful outcome. I did not find this of interest and found the book boring.

The case reports are convincingly described, if somewhat brief. Even concerning the likely number of cases in which Kaarstad may have been wrong or unable to assist, the number of successes suggest that it would be very strange if these were the result of chance. The author has no explanation for such strange abilities, so completely outside our normal scientific thought and understanding, and in any case this appears not to have been his objective.

The book should be viewed as an exciting challenge to those who have an open mind such that they are willing to accept the existence of supernatural abilities, and who are willing to investigate the phenomenon. For others, the book is probably of less interest.

Christian F. Borchgrevink
Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association