Supernatural - or simply natural?

A wise man said that there is more between heaven and earth than other places, but if we keep ourselves on earth, there is still much we do not perceive. These are things we either do not see or are unable to sense; some of us!

Most live and simply 'see' what we will see and it is possible that our abilities fall a little short. Sometimes we need something more than this. Some call upon higher powers, such as god, others seek more earthly solutions from people amongst us with abilities we lack, but desperately need from time to time.

Lodvar Kaarstad from Valdres had such unexplained abilities. For over 45 years he could locate missing people and pets, hidden items and vital water sources. Thousands of people in the face of unimaginable experiences and losses, have contacted Lodvar Kaarstad by telephone, by letter or by personal contact and been given solutions.

A boy from the neighbourhood, the 40-years younger Torstein T. Royne, began to wonder about the Kaarstad's assistance for desperate neighbors to far away strangers. What had he that others lacked? How can the incomprehensible and inexplicable abilities of a laborer from Valdres be explained?

Torstein remained puzzled over the Kaarstad's inexplicable abilities far into his adulthood. He had to find the answer and could not escape thoughts of what this man was able to give to those that consulted him, and who almost always left him with an answer that resolved the matter for better or worse.

What does Torstein do, about an issue which no Norwegian intellectual or academic has tackled. He uses ten years studying his neighbor abilities, gaining his confidence and observing his work. A selection of ten years of recording these unique cases are included in Torstein's book, with systematic detailing which is compelling.

Having met Torstein T. Royne, and read the book, I ask; "Is academic research incapable of explaining what happens in such instances as these? Who will take responsibility for investigating these abilities and the resulting experiences in future? Is there anything more important and interesting to us humans than to understand those aspects of us that relate to that which we cannot comprehend?

It will be too late to carry out research on such people with unexplained gifts after their lifetimes. Maybe Research Minister Lilletun and Culture Minister Lahnstein should discuss these matters and also what should be done with Torstein T. Royne's unique material in order to better understand the unexplained.

Trygve Hildebrand
Drammens Tidende - Buskeruds Blad