Documentary about a psychic.

The human psychic phenomena that science believes as little as possible in persists. Science seeks empirical explanations. If they do not find a definite explanation, academia tends to ignore the phenomenon - or regard it as a sham. Therefore it is not the scientists from universities and colleges that document the astonishing experiences that people have had with psychic abilities, but instead amateur writers, journalists and those with special interests.

Lodvar Kaarstad lived on the Upper Riste farm in Lomen since confirmation of age. He arrived as a young boy after his parents died, and was promised that he could stay there as long as he lived. So Kaarstad remained on the farm, as a dear member of the family and as a diligent hard worker, throughout his life.

People in Sunnmøre remember Kaarstad among other things for conducting the hunt for gold and the great old Viking treasure hunt one summer in Hjørundfjorden ten years ago. The book doesn't include this case as the result was marginal, but is instead full of letters and testimony from credible people documenting that Lodvar Kaarstad saw things that are hidden from the majority of us.

Torstein T. Royne has focused on gathering knowledge from Lodvar Kaarstad himself and those who knew him, during their lifetimes. Interviews were recorded on audio and video tape word for word. Response letters are reproduced in the book verbatim, which may weaken the book as reading material, but it increases the usefulness as accurate documentation. This may be put to good use if Norwegian researchers, in the future, are able to overcome the fear of this phenomenon which they do not understand.

Kjetil Tandstad